To Mahsa Amini

and to all Iranian Women and Girls

A new spirituality

So what Mahsa! You dared to let a lock of hair spill out of your veil! Frankly! That is not to be done. No no no no! Disregarding the dogma of the « Grand Master » deserves punishment. We will therefore, as an example, imprison you, torture you, rape you along the way, why not, then kill you, in order to make it clear to all the little people including you that the principle which guides us, as is the case in all other dictatorships, it is « Oderint dum metuant »///// « Let them hate provided they fear » – Gaius Caesar Caligula – Roman Emperor (31 August 12 – 24 January 41)


In these troubled times, Humanity absolutely needs to give itself a precious, life-saving and completely unprecedented gift. This gift takes the form of a moment, a moment during which a new level of spirituality will slowly and firmly settle, a kind of new step upwards in the adventure of the living.

The beauty of the thing is that it is through the heart, therefore through singing, that the arrival of a real spiritual rebirth will take place. In fact, there is already a sense of this thirst for spiritual rebirth all over the world among those who have the audacity to believe in a better world to the point of finding the courage to work for it on a daily basis. There are so many Mahsa Amini’s all over the world right now, thirsting for freedom, Peace, meaning and spiritual rebirth. The moment is 22 minutes after the hour, a bit like a minute of silence replaced by a minute of singing, that of the « Passage2255 » Hymn to Peace available in 50 languages.

The gestation of spiritual rebirth begins with an appointment that you give to yourself, as many times as you feel the need. The only constraint is the time of the moment: 22 minutes after the hour. In the beginning, there is no need to sing everything, or even to sing. Murmuring the theme, 11 little notes, that will already be a lot. Not the right note? So what! Forgot the text? So what! Does it only last a few seconds? So what! You don’t even have to shout it from the rooftops. Not yet! It will come! The important thing is to take ownership of the twenty-second minute to manifest your decision to move towards a spiritual rebirth. Anyway, there is your smartphone that gives you access to our Trumpets.

The star of the spiritual renaissance generated by your participation in the development of a sustained movement for synchronized global solidarity, that star, it’s YOU. The time has come to put technology at the service of Peace and, inseparably, at the service of Women’s Rights. Participate in this moment of change, of liberation, this moment when your spirituality will leave the ideology of death to better anchor itself in a fundamentally Human spiritual rebirth, that of the ideology of life.